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On relationships: Instagram vs Lightbox

11 May

I’ve been wanting to capture this skyline since I started attending NIE – this is what I see every time I arrive at and leave school.

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Chinese New Year

23 Jan

The oldest and youngest.


20 Jan

This still is from upcoming film The Hunger Games. It is based on the novel by Suzanne Collins, which I only just got down to reading. The novel is well-written enough for YA fiction. It is the themes that I find most gripping and can’t seem to get away from. Mainly, the idea of what you’d be pushed to do in a time of crisis when regular rules of ethics no longer seem to apply.

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Arrogance vs confidence

20 Nov

I came across Taufik Batisah’s first audition on Singapore Idol from back in 2004. The voice-over starts out by telling the audience it’s dangerous to be “overconfident” and “arrogant” when leaving a first impression.

What exactly did Taufik do to make the judges think he had a huge ego? Nothing much – he just walked and sang like he knew what he was doing. I can’t imagine an American Idol judge tearing into a contestant this way, especially in a competition where you’re supposed to sell yourself.

Maybe it’s simply an Asian trait to go the other extreme when it comes to modesty?

The new baby

1 Sep

I love extremely short poems

30 Jul

Even at this late date, sometimes I have to look up
the word “receive.” I received his deep
and interested gaze.

A bean plant flourishes under the rain of sweet words.
Tell what you think—I’m listening.

The story ruffled its twenty leaves.


Once my teacher set me on a high stool
for laughing. She thought the eyes
of my classmates would whittle me to size.
But they said otherwise.

We’d laugh too if we knew how.

I pinned my gaze out the window
on a ripe line of sky.

That’s where I was going.

Naomi Shihab Nye, “Fuel”

Shakespeare in the Park

30 Apr
Strawberry jelly and rainbow pebblesFreeflow toppings (from Yigloo)MelissaAdrian Pang as MacbethLady Macbeth rampaging offscreenWhy I miss RGS already
GlowIrene naps in the backgroundIrene

Shakespeare in the Park, a set on Flickr.