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Harry Potter and the Power of Design

6 Dec

It’s really a pity that the latest Harry Potter film – like the previous two – is stuffed with frantic action sequences. It’s also soggily weighed down by uneven acting and a clunky script revealing scant understanding of the emotional nuances of JK Rowling’s writing.

Yet the character and set design, as well as screen composition, are absolutely beautiful and – no other word for it – smart. Sensible artistic liberties have been missing from the movies since the time Alfonso CuarĂ³n worked on the third installment.

Here are a few of my favourite things:

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Crazy enough to work

8 Sep

I’ve decided who would be a FANTASTIC person to dress up as for Halloween:

G Dragon.

Now the bigger question is: which one?

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The most unique minds think alike

10 Apr

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