On relationships: Instagram vs Lightbox

11 May

I’ve been wanting to capture this skyline since I started attending NIE – this is what I see every time I arrive at and leave school.

(Picture edited with Instagram, followed by Lightbox) 

I held out against the smartphone trend for years, but recently caved and exchanged my on-the-verge-of-death Nokia for a Samsung Galaxy Ace which was on offer. The immediate reminder: more advanced technology = more problems. I spent some time on troubleshooting Instagram – the phone app, originally created for the iPhone, is still privy to some bugs. In the end, I gave up and am now using Lightbox instead.

This is how it breaks down for me:


  • Pretty: It offers a larger number of attractive filters.
  • Popular: It’s everyone’s automatic choice.
  • Possessive: It only allows access to all photos via phone, not computer.
  • Unreliable: Ease of use is hampered by bugs (for Android phones).


  • Quality: It offers fewer filters, but it does offer a useful HDR filter, which Instagram does not.
  • Smaller community: Therefore, less time is wasted on browsing!
  • Stable: I’ve had no problems with it since first use.
  • Open and intuitive: It automatically generates a personal webpage for photo sharing.

Despite the fact that Lightbox and I clearly suit each other, it took me a strangely long time to let go of Instagram, though, when it’s all laid out, it’s evident that my reluctance is based on rather superficial reasoning.

Weirdly enough, this reminded me of the qualities we are likely to be blinded by and blind to in human relationships. We need to remain aware. What distracts us from what is truly important?


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