Simple things that bring joy

17 Nov

I just finished rereading this book. The characters are collectively described as “unambitious, minimally employed, well-educated, and self-indulgent.”

More than anything else, I felt sorry for them.

Anyway, one takeaway was how diary entires can come in the form of lists. The list titles span from abstract (Things That Are Distant Though Near) to the somewhat pretentious (Things That Lose by Being Painted). The list entries are also purposely obscure (“a hot night in San Fransisco”; “a broken promise”), as if the writer was trying a little too hard to appear anonymous without fully letting go of the chance to claim ownership.

I came up with a list. I was not obscure – there isn’t any need to be in these cases.


1. The echo-ey part of this song
2. Perfectly blue skies
3. My dad when he’s in the mood to tell stories
4. People who have worked hard enough to appear effortless
5. Journal writing
6. Laughing with girlfriends
7. Planning menus for specific occasions
8. Taking a photo just once
9. Reaping after hard work
10. Time alone with God


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