Dance dance revolution

9 Aug

Hofesh Shechter: “I think… contemporary dance might go a bit funny… where it stops communicating with its audience.”

I meant to rave about attending The Big Groove weeks ago, but my sister has already done a great job. This will be my essay on a new love of dance.
Dance is a fascinating art form, because it flat-out proves how body language can make or break the essentials. America’s Best Dance Crew changed my perspective of the hip hop genre completely; while it has a well-earned reputation of being flashy and dynamic, it also hangs upon the thread of much more subtle individual movements.
This Boogiezone commercial and freestyle to “Ave Maria” shows a combination of both factors, while this famous Quest performance breaks some of the moves down.
Dance is ultimately a performative art that tells a story. Emotional quotient can transcend the boundaries of genre, as demonstrated by these equally powerful portrayals of a rocky relationship in contemporary and hip hop form (thank you very much, So You Think You Can Dance).
One can’t just be a good dancer, but has to also be able to keep a picture of the whole scene in mind even while playing a part in it. The Jabbawockeez did more than demonstrate that by performing in masks (when you can’t facially express anything at all and can’t see your crew mates in periphery vision, it boils down nothing more than technique and no-nonsense training). And this lovely piece has three dancers who move in fluid tandem even while performing three separate scenes.
You probably know I’m no dancer. But I have just started lessons with O School and look forward to the many additional things I’ll learn, and be able to use to help others learn.


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