Shantou (2): eating

19 Jun

We asked for small portions at the restaurant below, but received mini-mountains.

The dish is cha gui, or Chinese carrot cake, which is served in much smaller pieces in Singapore, stir-fried with prawns and vegetables. It comes with sugar on the side which you can mix in if you want an interesting range of flavours. (That’s our driver in the background; my mum was calling him shifu – master – by the second day, due to his unruffled attitude towards getting us exactly where we needed to go, even unmapped locations in questionable weather.)

At dinner on our first night, the restaurant was so empty that we were served by an entire buffet’s worth of staff. Yet all the food, right down to desserts, lay on the tables uncovered and untouched. My mum said it was a not-uncommon attempt at displaying wealth. The food here is home-style delicious though – minimal oil, honed soup (the lotus-root soup in the picture above was made richer by the addition of cuttlefish, while the pig organ soup was a lot less salty than we were used to), crunchy vegetables. The meatballs are springier (they’re made differently, not rolled but whacked into balls with wooden sticks).


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