Why I’m not a Communications major

16 May

Public speaking has never been my forte. While I’ve certainly lost my phobia of it (probably due to the fact that I now address groups of about twenty to thirty 15-year-olds on a daily basis), I don’t aim to win a person over on their terms. I often focus on what something means to me – which often means presenting the issue in terms of what someone should/ought to do.

It makes sense, arguably, because of the kind of person I am, but I need to become more empathetic, and empathy would mean more realistically anticipating responses.

Case in point: The Youth Fellowship committee at my church gave a short presentation today, introducing the various plausible year-end activities (local/overseas mission trip, children’s camp, church evangelistic event) that the youths could take part in. The youths would then specify their preferences on feedback forms to help make a choice and aid the committee in our planning. I presented on the church’s combined Christmas evangelistic event, since I’d helped to coordinate it the year before.

Some of the motivations I raised were:
– To get to know other members of the church whom you’ve never interacted with
– To use your talent(s) for God’s glory
– To seize chances to share the gospel
– To learn how to handle challenges, work with others, and have fun at the same time

I did not consider the following factors:
1. Out of individual interest, the average youth would opt for something more “different” and “exciting”, as opposed to considering how the YF as a whole could best serve the church or community.
2. The average youth would already be familiar with the annual Christmas evangelistic event and what it is for – more time could have been spent on explaining:
–> Why it is just as important to focus on bonding as a church as well as missions
–> Why youth involvement is so essential

I acknowledge that I have, at least, succeeded in raising awareness via testimony about my experience, and it’s something to keep working on.


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