14 May

“I’m probably a lot easier on myself at 30 than I was at 20. Remember when you were 20 and you were bulletproof? I’m not bulletproof anymore. So I probably take care of myself better. I have to. I just don’t have the wherewithal to be as pleasantly self-destructive as I used to be. So there’s that. And I’m in love, which changes my life intensely.

But also, at 20, I was going through the madness of this experience for the first time. I had no framework to put it into. At 32, it’s a very different ball game, and I have that behind me, so I see the forest through the trees now. Instead of getting lost in the day to day, I actually enjoy the process at large, which was lost to me sometimes in Dawson’s Creek because it was a lot, and it was all new. But it’s difficult, so you must enjoy it. I always cringe when I read about actors pissing and moaning about their work hours, but it’s a lot of hours. You spend 13, 14 hours a day at work, so you must take joy out of that.”

— Joshua Jackson


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