The perfect way

15 Feb

Chica Umino, Honey and Clover Volume 4, pp 10-11, SHUEISHA Inc, Tokyo 2000.

Transcription and translation –
PANEL 1: 为什么他会问我这种话?如果我回答希望他回来的话, 那森田是否就会马上回来呢?(Why did he ask me that? Would Morita return immediately if I wanted him to?)
PANEL 2: 如果真是这样, 那这句话不该来问我… (He shouldn’t be asking me if that were the case…)
“小育!” (“Hagu!”)
绝对不应该来问我… (Definitely shouldn’t be asking me…)
PANEL 3: “你希望森田他回来吗?还是不希望呢?” (“Do you want Morita to come back? Or not?”)
“竹本你怎么啦?就算问小育这种事也没用啊.” (“What’s up with you, Takemoto? Asking Hagu that won’t make a difference.”)
“— 不希望.” (“… I don’t.”)
PANEL 4: “我不希望他回来.” (“I don’t want him to come back.”)
PANEL 5: “在他… 把所有想做的事情完成以前,” (“Before he finishes everything he wants to accomplish,”)
PANEL 6: “我希望他能好好地加油.” (“I hope he can work hard and do his best.”)


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