Just be glad you’ll smile again. So many go unnamed.

20 Aug

Laura Marling’s “Failure”:

Kina Grannis covers it:

I’m still astonished by how two versions of the same song could yield such different effects. Laura Marling gives off a melancholic, watch-me-from-my-ivory-tower vibe. She’s a blonde pixie of a girl, young enough for people to accuse her of self-involved lyrics (as if more mature artists never delved into self-involvement). Kina Grannis, on the other hand, is best-friend tender. As a video blogger, her audience is a lot more palpable to her than your average ticket-buyer. And that’s why when she sings “Don’t cry, child / You’ve got so much more to live for”, I think it strangely makes more absolute and sincere sense than in the case of the original.


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